Authentic Therapeutic Care Informed and Guided by Catholicism

Making all things new.

Being with and for those we serve as whole persons—mind, body, and soul.

Novare Counseling Center is made up of Catholic therapists united in mission to serve those seeking a counseling experience that does not settle for partial explanations or solutions. We bring sound and needed insights from psychology to help the faithful heal and live a more abundant life. NCC offers individual counseling, marital counseling, group counseling, children/teen counseling, psychological assessment, and parish-based support with talks.

 What Makes Us Different


We care for the entire family. All ages, stages of life, and needs fit within our scope of services.


We tailor each client’s therapy to who you are and your deepest hopes for counseling, because humans are created unique and original.


We, as Catholic counselors, primarily serve Catholic and Christian communities but desire to serve all seeking healing.


We help clients untie the knots in their emotions, relationships, and desires. We aim for deeper healing, not just symptom relief.


We work as a team to sharpen our clinical skills through study, consultation, supervision, friendship, and prayer.


We strive to make our relationship with Christ and His Church the source from which our authentic therapeutic care flows.


Connect With a Catholic Therapist


We would love to connect with you to find out if Novare Counseling fits with your needs. Fill out our contact form to get a phone call from one of our counselors.

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